Baghead (2023) Movie Review


Today, XXI has released the latest horror film titled Baghead. There were some doubts whether Cineverse would screen this film in Indonesia, but it turns out that the film will be shown through the XXI cinema network. At a special screening organized by XXI in Jakarta, Baghead turned out to be…

Baghead, directed by Alberto Corredo and written by Lorcan Reilly, is based on the short film of the same name that Reilly and Corredor collaborated on in 2017.

Freya Allan, famous for her role in The Witcher series, will star in this film. In the trailer released last month, the film seems promising. At the special screening organized by XXI in Jakarta, Baghead made quite an impression. Has the film lived up to expectations? Check out the reviews below.

Baghead (2023) Movie Summary

After her father’s (Peter Mullan) gruesome death, Iris (Freya Allan) discovers that she has inherited an ancient pub or bar owned by her father for centuries. She travels to Berlin to identify her father’s body and meets with the Lawyer (Ned Dennehy) to discuss the inheritance.

Unbeknownst to her, by signing the deed, she becomes tightly bound to an entity residing in the basement of the pub. This entity, called Baghead, is a shapeshifting creature that seemingly brings the dead back to life.


Iris’s first customer is Neil (Jeremy Irvine), who has previously lost his wife. He wants to bid a final farewell and offers a sum of money to spend two minutes with the creature. Iris is tempted to exploit the creature’s power and assist Neil, who is desperate, in exchange for certain rewards.

However, she soon realizes that violating the two-minute rule can have dreadful consequences. Alongside her friend Katie (Ruby Barker), Iris must struggle to control Baghead and find a way to destroy it before the creature destroys them.

Review Baghead (2023)

The premise resembles Talk to Me

Glancing at Baghead reminds us of Talk to Me, which was released last August 23. With a somewhat similar concept, Baghead also uses a medium to communicate with the spirits of the deceased.

The difference lies in the medium used. In Baghead, we will see a shape-shifting creature whose face is covered with a sack-like material with a hole pierced through one of its eyes.

baghead review

But it can be said that Baghead’s version is much more original than Talk to Me because Baghead is a development of Corredo’s short film of the same name, which was released long before Talk to Me, in 2017.

Consistently eerie atmosphere

From the beginning of the film, Baghead has presented a consistently dark tone until the end. Its jumpscares may not be dominant, but the gradually intensifying atmosphere of eeriness successfully increases the tension of the film.

The tension is brought by the scoring, which is in line with its scenes, making us always prepared for the surprises that are brought one after another. Its narrative is also easy to follow with a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards that help us understand the complete story.

baghead movie

Although its narrative may seem generic, Baghead has a more classic appearance that will be revealed after the first half of the film, unlike Talk to Me, which tends to be contemporary and very gory. Most importantly, its conclusion is very plausible and not far-fetched.

Baghead Conclusion

As a horror film, Baghead delivers without disappointment. Its narrative flows smoothly, and its visually sharp shots set it apart from many other films in the genre. The tension steadily builds, effectively enhancing the dread and terror evoked by the entity.

While jump scares are not overly abundant, the dark tone established from the beginning keeps viewers on edge, anticipating each unsettling moment. For horror enthusiasts, Baghead is a must-watch. The film premiered today, February 6th, in all XXI cinemas across Indonesia.

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