Bodies (2023) Movie Review


A graphic novel by Si Spencer entitled Bodies , published by DC Comics, was adapted into a limited series by Paul Tomalin which then aired exclusively on Netflix. Totaling 8 episodes, the main plot is still loyal to the premise that promises typical detective films.

What’s more, the setting of the place that is presented also has the same location, and of course the interesting point is, the different eras of each detective, with the same case, is the common thread in a mystery science fiction presentation that is quite promising.

Bodies (2023) Synopsis

A police detective in 2023, Shahara Hasan (Amaka Okafor) finds a human body in a corner of the city, namely on Longharvest Lane. Interestingly, the body was an identical corpse, and had been found before, namely in 1941 and 1890 in the exact same place.


Unfortunately, the investigation of two detectives in the past has reached a dead end regarding who placed and killed the mysterious corpse. The investigation increasingly leads to a time-travel theory and a strange cult that can predict all of Shahara’s movements, even into the future.

An interesting premise with the presentation of a suspected murder mystery in a different era, which of course becomes very thrilling when all the puzzles relate to the sci-fi time travel theory which is full of twists .

Bodies Movie Review

Different time background

Opening with a contemporary setting that is quite relatable , the plot develops further and begins to connect with the same story pace from several London time settings. The sophisticated present, the era of 1941 which was close to the Nazi war, and 1890 which was thick with Sherlock Holmes -style investigations . Each era has a perspective to complete the mystery of the puzzles spread.

Then, the last era appeared, the future. Namely the year 2053. A puzzle that is slowly revealed through cause and effect which is usually mentioned in films with similar themes. Secrets are revealed gradually, a tactic that feels quite mainstream.

However, the dozens of twists presented turned out to have a surprising effect on the audience (especially for those who have not read the graphic novel ). It’s difficult to explain which is the main timeline when each era also feels striking with sub-plots and intelligent supporting character development.

Review Movie bodies

Like 1890 with all the limited tools and forbidden romance played by Kyle Soller as Alfred Hillinghead. In 1941 , Charles Whiteman, played by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, has a cool and cruel detective type protagonist , but also has heart, with the help of the development of the story with a small child named Esther (Chloe Raphael).

As well as the complexity of the present, 2023 from detective Shahara who is trying to resuscitate a young man suspected of murder, Elias (Gabriel Howell). The entire main cast and supporting characters performed optimally.

The visual set is quite magnificent

As for the visual set itself, in the first half of this series it looks quite magnificent by building several blocks of different views of London from era to era. The details of adding a CG background to the panorama shot feel quite effective and real.

However, the vfx itself, especially in the climax scene where the murder victim’s eyes are shot, feels quite bad for a series that has quite a large production. Fortunately, there are not many scenes that require continuous use of the splendor of CG visual effects techniques.

Movie bodies

The narrative has a link to the imagination that is actually quite complicated, but is successfully presented in a light way and opens every twist consistently and clearly.

Even the middle of the season is one of the best moments for this series . The opportunity to explain where the time-loop is located, to another perspective from the antagonist character, becomes a turning point that has a strong enough reason to change the anomaly that causes the main conflict.

This science fiction theory is actually quite conventional, but is built with various sub-plots and mystery solutions that each have their own moral values, making this mystery series a shame to miss.

Bodies Conclusion

An interesting premise that makes the audience even more curious about what really happened until the middle of the season. The solution to the mystery, which is divided into several plot twists , is presented quite strongly, complete with detailed perspectives that not only describe the emotionality of the protagonist, but also the antagonist.

Unfortunately, the season finale felt constant. Even though it has a turning point which is also quite mind-melting, this open-ending ending emphasizes how complicated the time-travel dilemma is.

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