Death Whisperer (2023) Movie Review

Death Whisperer

This week, we will have the latest Thai horror movie, Death Whisperer (also known as Tee Yod). The film, based on the novel of the same name by Krittanon, has already seen success in its home country.

The author himself claims that this story is based on true events that happened to his extended family when he was a 15-year-old teenager in a province in Central Thailand. When it was released in Thailand on October 26, 2023, the film achieved tremendous box office success, grossing 495 million Baht or approximately 218 billion IDR.

Summary of the movie Death Whisperer (2023)

In 1972, in the province of Kanchanaburi, a family had a sudden and unexplained death of their daughter. Shortly after this incident, attention shifted to a farming family with 6 children: 3 boys – Yak, Yos, Yod, and 3 girls – Yad, Yam, Yee.

This joyous family was shocked when one of their daughters, Yam, started behaving strangely. The incident occurred when the three sisters were returning from school and saw the mysterious figure of a woman in black standing under a large tree.

This event caused Yam to fall ill, and her appearance became terrifying. This strange behavior also led Yad, her older sister, to hear eerie whispers late at night, making her sleepless. Yad was surprised to see Yam sleepwalking into the kitchen and eating raw meat there. Yee, their younger brother, also found these occurrences strange.

When Yad reported this to their mother, Yam quickly acted as if nothing had happened, causing tension and confusion within the family. The next day, their eldest brother, Yak, who had just completed his military service, returned home. Finally, he too discovered the strange events after Yad told him about them. He, along with his two younger brothers, Yos and Yod, stood guard.

While guarding the house, they witnessed something incredibly bizarre that they had never seen before. Can their eldest brother solve the mysterious problem that is affecting their younger sibling?

Death Whisperer Movie

Movie Review of Death Whisperer

An engaging and surprisingly unpredictable storyline

As a horror film, Death Whisperer effectively weaves its narrative. Some presented content is correspondingly explained to ensure that the audience does not get too confused while following the film. The storytelling is captivating, and it includes many unexpected twists that keep us guessing about the film’s outcome.

Some likable characters, seemingly intentionally chosen to play the roles of these 6 children. Of course, this is done to increase the film’s marketability, and it seems to have succeeded. Thai supermodel Nadech Kugimiya, known from The Con-Heartist (2020), plays the role of Yak.

Meanwhile, American-Thai actress Denise Jelilcha Kapaun makes a successful big-screen debut in this film after appearing in several TV shows before. Both of their roles are central, which will draw our attention to their respective charms.

Technical elements slightly above average

Death Whisperer has some technical elements slightly above average. The cinematography is decent, although the opening and ending sequences are a bit shaky, making it hard to see clearly.

Death Whisperer Movie Review

However, the standout technical aspect, as recognized by Cineverse, is the scoring. It effectively intensifies the sense of horror throughout the film and maintains consistency. The whispers of death, a highlight of the film, sound genuinely eerie.

Unfortunately, in some scenes, the scoring can be a bit excessive, but it is understandable. Jump scares are timed well to genuinely surprise without feeling forced.

Trailer Death Whisperer

Conclusion for Death Whisperer

This film unexpectedly delivers entertainment value. Following the satisfaction brought by Home for Rent (2023), Death Whisperer has also made its mark. The technical elements, particularly the scoring, contribute to creating a realistic and immersive sense of horror.

The frightening scenes are natural and not overly theatrical. Though there may be instances of excessive scoring and occasional exaggerated acting by the performers, these are minor issues that do not significantly detract from the overall content of the film.

For those who enjoy horror genres, Cineverse especially recommends watching Death Whisperer. The film will be screened in all Indonesian cinemas starting on January 17, 2024.

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