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Simply click a movie and click the download button! Games are included also from gamesdownloadcenter. We’ll be adding a lot more in the future. We have many plans.

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You can press any category to load that category, this will allow you to see specific movies. We check all the files individually I’m an IT and I guarantee your safety.

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You’ll love The Center as a whole, it’s just too convenient! You should’ve found us sooner! Risk free, free movie downloads and free game downloads and more to come!

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I’ll be updating the software a lot, next function will be “Right click to download”. A menu will appear so you can download the movie or view the article. So in that way you can download in fullscreen mode. This is not released yet.(released now)

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The movie reviews

We are picking the most favorable reviews, reviews which most of the people agree on. But make sure to not trust the reviews, everyone’s taste is different and mob mentality plays a role in those reviews. However, reading the reviews may give you a general idea if you’d like the movie or not.

The new upcoming system!

I’m creating a new software for this website, you simply need to fill in a movie you want in “Contact us”. The software will check whether it’s available or not and download it, than I’ll proceed to check it whether it’s safe or not. This will make the user experience a lot smoother!