Gampang Cuan (2023) Movie Review

gampang cuan

Gampang Cuan, which is presented as a Sundanese comedy drama, apparently also presents more essences about family stories and also about the trading phenomenon that exists in society today.

It turns out that these two combinations can produce an interesting story value in this film wrapped in a comedy drama written and directed by Rahabi Mandra.

The film Easy Cuan was directed by Rahabi Mandra, who had previously been the director of the film Detective Jaga Distance .

The film Easy Cuan is a collaboration between Temata Studios, Adhya Pictures and Legacy Pictures. So what is the Cineverse review of this film? Let’s look at the review below.

Gampang Cuan Synopsis

The story begins with Sultan (Vino G. Bastian), a man and the eldest child in the family, who migrates to Jakarta from Sukabumi. One day his younger sister, Bilqis (Anya Geraldine) followed her older sister to try her luck and at the same time they found out that their late father left a debt of IDR 300 million which had to be paid off immediately.

On the other hand, the Sultan is required to pay for the education of his youngest brother, Aji (Alzi Markers). Sultan and Bilqis then turned upside down looking for money to pay off the debt without the knowledge of their mother, Mamah Diah (Meriam Bellina).

The film Easy Cuan highlights the ins and outs of financial problems that people often face, from debt to stock investment, which is presented with a comedy drama feel.

gampang cuan

Gampang Cuan Movie Review

Strong chemistry from the players

The cross-generational combination of the actors turns out to be able to provide solid and very strong chemistry throughout the time we watch this film.

There is no need to doubt the acting skills of the players here who look very natural and are able to explore their characters in detail.

The portion distribution of each character in this film can be said to be evenly distributed. It could be said that everything is presented appropriately, so that we don’t need to guess about the background of the characters present in this film.

From the beginning of the story of this film, we will see the conflict presented in this film, bringing us to the character problems between the eldest child, middle child and youngest child in this film.

Each of the players is seen playing the character according to their portion. Even though you can see the stereotype of the male first child character in this film.

In fact, being the first child of a man always has a big responsibility in Indonesian family life, as do the roles and responsibilities as well as the presence of second and third children in a family, especially in Indonesia.

The story is light and the comedy is not excessive

Producing a film as a comedy drama can be said to be a challenge in Indonesia. The comedy genre can still be said to be a favorite genre in the Indonesian film industry.

gampang cuan movie

However, in packaging everything into a story that is light and relatable and entertains the audience, this is always a challenge for all production houses in Indonesia. Let’s just say one of the questions that always arises in the minds of viewers, will the audience feel entertained when watching films of the following genres? The answer is that the audience will be entertained and laugh while watching.

The storyline which is the core of a film must be packaged in such a way as to entertain the audience. In the end, Gampang Cuan was able to execute this film very simply and the narrative presented in each plot really reflects current events in Indonesia.

It can be said that the stories that appear in Easy Cuan are not fanciful and are very easy for us to accept. Throughout the film the audience will be carried away by the silliness of the actors, the presentation of a very natural comedy story in this film can be said to be a plus point for this film.

Fast Flow

It could be said that Easy Cuang has a very fast plot, maybe this is related to the duration.

The audience will feel the movement from scene to scene very quickly. With a very fast plot, the packaging of this comedy story can be said to be very streamlined and as concise as possible in order to get the narrative and peak of the conflict in this film.

And one thing that is very unfortunate is that at the end of the scene towards the end, we will feel how all the conflicts that occurred were resolved just like that.

Even though it is classified as fast-paced, narration is still part of the defense in this film. We can still enjoy the storyline in this film and still capture the story in such a way.

Review gampang cuan movie

Gampang Cuan Conclusion

It’s easy to make money , which has a family theme and is presented as a comedy drama, it can be said to be successful and successful in entertaining us as viewers.

It would be a shame if this film wasn’t on your list this week. The conflict presented in this film can be said to be very relatable to the current conditions of our society, such as stocks, brokers or the very tough world of cash in the capital. Of course, not with a heavy character but wrapped in a comedy drama presentation.

So for Cilers who feel they don’t understand the topics in the previous paragraph, they can still follow these topics and enjoy a very light story that we can enjoy together with friends and family.

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