Influencer (2022) Movie Review


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One such recent addition is the enthralling “Influencer,” a cinematic masterpiece that unfolds the tale of a celebrity embarking on a solo journey to Thailand, where chance encounters lead to the formation of new and seemingly promising friendships. However, as the plot thickens, the narrative takes an unexpected and dramatic turn, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

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Influencer (2022) Synopsis

Embark on a riveting narrative with Madison (played by Emily Tennant), a social media influencer, as she immerses herself in a tropical escape in the enchanting backdrop of Thailand. Originally planning to share this adventure with her partner, Ryan (portrayed by Rory J. Saper), work commitments thwarted their joint venture, compelling Madison to venture alone into the allure of Thailand.

Behind the glossy façade of Madison’s online presence lies a reality less glamorous. Luxurious hotels become lonely havens as she yearns for the absent companionship of her girlfriend. Despite the solitude, Madison opts to prolong her stay in the picturesque Thai landscapes.

Fate takes a turn when Madison encounters CW (Cassandra Naud), a seemingly amiable yet enigmatic foreign woman. CW epitomizes the carefree and adventurous lifestyle that Madison craves, unveiling captivating locales and experiences. A seemingly serendipitous friendship unfolds, unaware that CW harbors a clandestine agenda.

The plot thickens when Madison’s hotel room is breached, and her passport pilfered, catapulting her deeper into CW’s web of deception. CW cunningly proposes an extension of their holiday until a replacement passport materializes, leading them to cohabit at CW’s residence.

What initially appeared as a “dream come true” swiftly morphs into a sinister saga. CW’s fixation intensifies, transforming charm into manipulation, as Madison finds herself progressively isolated from her circle of friends and family. The idyllic escape transforms into a suspenseful thriller, where the boundaries between friendship and obsession blur.

Influencer (2022) Movie Review

A crazy and thrilling adventure

In an age dominated by meticulously curated online personas, Kurtis David Harder’s “Influencer” emerges as a poignant and unsettling horror film that transcends the typical realms of jump scares and suspense.

This cinematic exploration fearlessly delves into the pervasive influence of social media, unleashing its potential to warp reality into a nightmarish state. The tension within the film doesn’t solely rely on the looming threats from the primary antagonist but intricately exposes the perils of online validation and digital addiction. From the film’s outset, a crisis unfolds, steadily intensifying as it unfurls, leaving the audience teetering on the precipice of horror and fear.

Thailand’s lush tropical landscapes serve as a breathtaking backdrop, juxtaposed against an ever-present undercurrent of unease that permeates the narrative. “Influencer” transcends the conventional horror genre, emerging as a profound wake-up call and a chilling reflection of society’s intricate dance with social media. Each scene masterfully compels viewers to confront the darker facets of their online personas and the vulnerabilities laid bare in the pursuit of digital validation.

While the second half of the storyline may not introduce groundbreaking elements, akin to many thrillers, the film’s denouement might be foreseeable to some. Nevertheless, “Influencer” excels in its dual role of providing entertainment and delivering potent social messages, ensuring that it leaves an indelible mark on the audience’s consciousness.


Embark on an ordinary solo journey that takes an unexpected turn, spiraling into a wild and suspenseful escapade. While it may not break new ground in terms of innovation, the film maintains a palpable sense of fear that persists until the very end of the narrative.

The enchanting backdrop of the Thai landscape enhances the allure of “Influencer.” The film’s tone skillfully evokes a sense of solitude and horror, portraying each character as if trapped in their own isolated reality, disconnected from the world around them.

Regrettably, the plot’s trajectory in the second half fails to unveil many novel surprises. It adheres to a classic and somewhat predictable formula, executed with a level of proficiency that, while acceptable, doesn’t push the boundaries of creativity. Could there be potential for subsequent sequels? Undoubtedly, the groundwork is laid for further exploration of this chilling universe.

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