Leave The World Behind (2023) Movie Review

Leave The World Behind

Departing from the novel by Rumaan Alam, the producer and director of the series Mr. Robot (2015), Sam Esmail wrote and directed this film which also stars several famous names such as Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Mahershala Ali.

Before its global release on the Netflix platform , Leave The World Behind was also shown in several domestic American cinemas, starting from its first screening at AFI Fest last October.

Apart from attracting well-known actors, the packaging is more stylish towards festival films which are too segmented, making critics’ assessments inversely proportional to the point of view of commercial audiences.

Synopsis of Leave The World Behind

The Sandford family decided to take an early summer holiday to an expensive villa in a remote small town that was also close to the beach.

After the incident where an oil tanker docked at the commercial coastline, the Sandford family was also surprised by the sudden arrival of the owner of the villa they rented, Mr. GH Scott (Mahershala Ali) who also brought his child, Ruth (Myha’la).

After that, several strange events followed. Such as paralyzed internet networks, deafening sounds, and even mysterious plane crashes. These two families who were accidentally isolated then find out what is really happening to the world.

Leave The World Behind

Leave The World Behind Movie Review

A premise that makes us dig deeper

The premise makes the audience guess what really happened. Cyber ​​attack? Aliens? Natural disasters? War? Nothing is really explained clearly until the twist at the end of the film.

Sam Esmail really plays with the tension which is increasingly mounting in every phase of his film. Starting from the moment the tanker hit the beach, the plane crash which was also connected to the mystery of the wooden house and the mysterious flyer, everything was built with musical compositions and scenes where every second of mystery made the audience’s hearts flutter.

Visuals and images feel artistic

One of the points of the film’s elements that look very contrasting is of course the artistic composition of the images and visuals. Not only does it place various art props in an exotic house setting, the set layout and cinematography techniques also feel cool.

Starting from playing around with camera rotation when Amanda Sandford (Julia Robert) climbs the stairs of the house to the second floor, to the way the cameraman shoots GH Scott finding a watch in the beach sand, really plays on the audience’s curiosity with the film’s visual packaging. artistic.

Increase the tension and curiosity experienced by each character by creating triggers where every step feels fantastic. Every leak that is spread brings this film to a twist that actually feels intelligent from a unique perspective.

However, due to the absence of a big dramatic moment as a conclusion, the impact of the big surprise delivered by one of the characters does not have a ‘direct’ dramatic effect on the audience. The satire delivered ends in satisfying the audience’s thirst which ends in relief, but is not fully satisfied.

The acting is not excessive

As for the actors’ performances, the quality of their acting is actually enough to make this film feel very alive because it manages to convey the tension of the actors.

Julia Roberts as a wife who is skeptical and always suspicious of people she has just met, combined with her husband, Clay Sandford (Ethan Hawke) who is actually very cool with the situation, thinks more clearly and wisely. Meanwhile, their co-star, Mahershala Ali, is a successful black man who is friendly, polite and kind, and has broader insight which makes him not easy to use.

A boring drama, but still maintained in all aspects

Leave The World Behind may not be the right film if Cilers is looking forward to revealing the twist with a big, epic moment.

Even though the actual nature of the drama tends to be quite boring, the packaging of visual details along with the creation of leaks, and the tension that is always maintained, makes the audience’s curiosity increase, until they want to follow the exploits of these two families until the end.

The Apocalypse film feels completely ambiguous because it doesn’t tell what actually happened, until it reaches the ending of the film which feels satirical, and at the same time makes us as viewers draw our own conclusions regarding the narrative and conclusion provided by this film.

Review Leave The World Behind

Conclusion Leave The World Behind

A gripping drama that succeeds in making the audience always overthink about what really happened. Packed slowly by relying on the characters’ emotional reactions to the strangeness of the situation, which is built with the intensity of the mystery.

It has artistic shot scenes with unique camera movements that also feel cinematic. However, the film’s ending and resolution are less tense than the third act , making the narrative’s epicness feel less impressive.

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