Siksa Neraka (2023) Movie Review


This week we have a year-end horror film which, ever since the trailer came out, has made us cringe when we see it. How could it not be, this film looks sadistic with a number of scenes that make our eyes sad to see.

This film, as the title suggests, will show how sadistic life in hell is. Not without reason, Torture of Hell was transferred from a comic or illustrated story from MB. Rahimsyah who Cineverse once read in the early 80s.

Now in the latest film from Anggy Umbara, Siksa Hell is made following the comic elements that made this comic famous at that time. Does the transfer of this vehicle meet our expectations? We review it below.


Siksa Neraka (2023)  Synopsis

Ustadz Syakir (Ariyo Wahab), who has a family of four children, Saleh, Fajar, Tyas and Azizah, educates his children strictly so that they become useful people in the future. The four of them have been taught about the good and bad of their actions and what happens if they sin, whether they will end up in heaven or hell.

In the evening, when they were going to the opposite village to take their younger brother to a singing competition, Saleh and his younger siblings were swept away by the fast river current and disappeared. Saleh then woke up in the hell his father always talked about.

However, in the real world, the search continues for their parents. They then realized that their children were not as good as they had previously imagined. In fact, people in the village are starting to disgrace Saleh, the ustadz’s eldest son who is known to be successful in the big city.

In hell, Saleh looked for his younger siblings, and saw that they were facing the harshest torture they had ever faced. Because, the more serious their sins, the more severe the torment they have to face. Moreover, all four of them have sins that have been hidden from their parents. But are they really the only ones who sin? Is there a hidden meaning to this incident?

Siksa Neraka Review

Does not reflect death according to Islamic law

Don’t expect us to see the barzah realm or the place where the spirits of the dead wait before they are resurrected in a new form. In this realm, humans will wait for the day of resurrection and the final day.

We need to know that there are several stages before we enter heaven or hell. After passing through Alam Barzah we will pass through Yaumul Ba’ats, Yaumul Mahsyar, Yaumul Hisab, Yaumul Mizan, and the determination will be on Yaumul Shirath, or the day when humans cross the Shiraathal Mustaqiim bridge to go to Heaven or even Hell.

siksa-neraka review

However, none of the descriptions above exist, and we are directly directed to hell. Indeed, a long description like the one above will make the film too long-winded, and will not address the desired context, namely hell.

To make things easier for the audience, direct depictions of hell are deemed appropriate so that we can understand this film completely without any intention of patronizing.

Visualization of hell that looks real

This is the first time we have seen an Indonesian horror film exploring hell in such a brutal and sadistic way. The similarity to the comics is accurate. All the re-drawings of the comic graphics, which were actually sadistic at that time, are further emphasized in Torments of Hell.

The form of punishment in hell that is carried out has never been shown to be this crazy. Scenes of cutting off tongues, crushing heads, piercing one’s cheek until it penetrates the other cheek, or destroying oneself into a river of flowing lava, and this is done over and over again, as if it has no end.

The visualization, which includes smooth CGI, will make us cringe when we see it.

The storyline is too monotonous

Hell Torture is not a horror film that sells jump scares as shown in the trailer. This film is even executed very monotonously, with scenes switching between the real world and the world of hell, which honestly feels boring, because we already know what this film will be like.

The dialogue for several characters also felt uninteresting, for example Slamet Rahardjo who seemed flat and did not have a significant influence as an elder in the village.

However, the funny thing is that Ustadz Syakir, who is the main character, seems to make a fool of himself in his dialogue. On the one hand, he looks smart to the people in his village, but in his family he treats his children differently.

Ustadz Syakir is described as not being a perfect figure in educating his children. This incident is used as an important lesson at the end of the conclusion which confirms that he has been wrong in educating his children.

Siksa Neraka Conclusion

Torture of Hell may not be the typical horror film you want. But Anggy Umbara’s courage in working on this unprecedented film deserves a thumbs up. The visualization of hell and various sadisms that appear in this film seem to glorify his preference for absolute sadism.

This is not wrong, because Hell’s torment also teaches us lessons in living a righteous life in this world.


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