Srimulat: Hidup Memang Komedi (2023) Movie Review

srimulat hidup memang komedi review

The much-awaited continuation of the Srimulat film series, titled Srimulat: The Impossible Hill – First Half, is ready to charm audiences as it graces the screens across Indonesia starting November 23, 2023. This cinematic venture, portraying the story of the iconic comedy ensemble from Central Java, holds significant importance as it unveils the extraordinary journey of Srimulat, which commenced in 1950 under the visionary guidance of Teguh Slamet Rahardjo and his first wife, Raden Ayu Srimulat.

Earning nationwide acclaim in the 1980s after relocating to Jakarta and appearing on the national TV station TVRI, the Srimulat comedy troupe carved a niche for themselves with their distinctive humor and unforgettable characters, leaving an indelible mark on Indonesian entertainment and becoming a cherished part of the cultural fabric.

Helmed by the consistent direction and writing of Fajar Nugros, Srimulat: Life is a Comedy pledges to be a cinematic gem that explores the intricate history and development of this legendary comedic ensemble. The film not only highlights their comedic brilliance but also sheds light on the personal and collective hurdles they encountered throughout their illustrious journey.

Continuing the legacy of the first installment, the ensemble cast remains top-notch, featuring accomplished actors like Juan Bio One as Gepeng, Indah Permatasari as Royani, Elang El Gibran as Basuki, Erika Carlina as Djudjuk, Dimas Anggara as Timbul, Morgan Oey as Paul, Zulfa Maharani as Nunung, Ibnu Jamil as Tarsan, Erick Estrada as Tessy, Ana as Naimma Aljufri, Teuku Rifnu Wikana as Asmuni, Rukman Rosadi as Teguh, Rano Karno as Babe Makmur, Omara Esteghlal as Kadir, along with Ray Shidiq, Fajar Nugra, Aldo Gudel, David Nurbianto, and special appearances from Tessy, Nunung, and Kadir.

As the sequel unfolds, viewers can anticipate an engaging narrative that not only pays tribute to the legacy of Srimulat but also offers an enjoyable and insightful cinematic journey, celebrating the enduring essence of Indonesian comedy. With the same creative team and an exceptional cast, Srimulat: The Impossible Hill – First Half is set to be a cinematic spectacle that transcends time and generations, evoking laughter and nostalgia among audiences nationwide.

srimulat hidup memang komedi review

Synopsis Srimulat: Hidup Memang Komedi

The forthcoming sequel to the beloved Srimulat film series, Srimulat: The Impossible Hill – First Half, pledges to delve further into the intricate narrative of the iconic comedy group. In contrast to its predecessor, which predominantly centered on Pak Teguh and his second wife Djudjuk guiding Srimulat through performances in Solo and preparations for their Jakarta journey, this latest installment uniquely captures pivotal moments as Srimulat ventures into the bustling capital, undergoing transformative experiences that shape each member’s identity prior to achieving nationwide acclaim.

Set in Jakarta, the film intricately explores the trials and tribulations encountered by Srimulat members as they endeavor to establish themselves in the entertainment industry. This cinematic odyssey provides a nuanced view of the challenges and triumphs experienced by the comedy troupe, offering audiences a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the development of the distinct personalities that have become synonymous with Indonesian comedy.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Srimulat members grapple with the complexities of fame, resulting in moments of identity crisis and intricate interpersonal conflicts. This storyline adds depth to the characters, illuminating the human aspects of their journey and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of comedic excellence. Amid navigating the harsh realities of the capital, the film poses poignant questions about adaptation, resilience, and the true price of success in the entertainment realm.

Viewers can anticipate an emotionally charged and thought-provoking cinematic journey that not only showcases the humor synonymous with Srimulat but also reveals the vulnerabilities and resilience underlying the surface. The film’s exploration of the characters’ struggles and triumphs weaves a rich tapestry of their collective journey, presenting a narrative that transcends mere comedic entertainment to offer a profound reflection on the human condition.

Notably, Srimulat: The Impossible Hill – First Half invites audiences to witness the evolution of Srimulat’s members, not only as entertainers but as individuals navigating the complexities of life in the spotlight. The film poses the question: will the Srimulat members surmount the challenges of fame, adapt to the rigors of the capital, and find resolutions to their individual dilemmas? This introduces an element of suspense and anticipation, ensuring that the sequel delves beyond the superficiality of humor to explore the depths of human emotions and the quest for self-discovery within the comedic realm.

Srimulat: Hidup Memang Komedi Review

Consistent cuteness and close to original characterization

As an expert film reviewer deeply entrenched in Srimulat’s narrative since their inception on TVRI in the 1980s, I can attest to the extraordinary authenticity portrayed in the characters of the film. The striking resemblance in gestures and expressions of the actors to the original Srimulat members adds a nostalgic layer for those familiar with the comedy troupe’s journey.

The movie not only captures the comedic essence but also the endearing charisma of its characters. The innocence woven into the dialogues and the distinct humor styles of each member are depicted with remarkable precision, echoing the original group’s performances. This meticulous attention to detail extends to physical attributes like Gepeng’s signature mole, Tarzan’s military demeanor, Paul’s Dracula persona, and Tessy’s transformation into a bencong, all portrayed with striking accuracy.

Recognizing Fajar Nugros’s adeptness in encapsulating the spirit of Srimulat’s golden era in the 1980s, Cineverse praises the filmmaker for presenting an outstanding portrayal of an Indonesian comedy ensemble on the silver screen. The first installment set a high bar, and the sequel seems poised to uphold that level of quality.

Nevertheless, the film does not escape criticism. The extensive recap at the beginning of the sequel has been criticized for being overly prolonged, verging on tediousness. Some viewers perceive the editor’s choice to include scenes from the first film as an attempt to stretch the runtime rather than a judicious storytelling decision. This prolonged recap, spanning nearly three minutes, gives the impression of insufficient material for a sequel.

The absence of a well-crafted epilogue is pointed out as a flaw, leaving the film’s conclusion somewhat loose. While it effectively captures Srimulat’s journey and their iconic TVRI show, it falls short in providing a clear and satisfying resolution. The humor in the latter part of the film is criticized for lacking the spark seen earlier, with certain jokes deemed less amusing.

In conclusion, while Srimulat: The Impossible Hill – First Half is lauded as an impressive biopic, it faces criticism for its pacing issues, extended recap, and the lack of a compelling conclusion. Despite its strengths, the film leaves viewers longing for a more impactful climax deserving of the legendary status of the comedy group it seeks to honor.

srimulat hidup memang komedi

Srimulat: Hidup Memang Komedi Conclusion

A resounding ovation is certainly warranted for the entire ensemble, both on and off-screen, who have brought this biographical masterpiece to fruition. The sheer magnitude of effort and unwavering commitment poured into encapsulating the very essence of a legendary comedic ensemble like Srimulat onto the silver screen is nothing short of commendable. The art of crafting a biopic is no small feat, especially when tasked with immortalizing a group as uniquely iconic as Srimulat, with each member possessing their own distinct persona and comedic genius.

Navigating the complexities inherent in depicting the journey of such a renowned comedy troupe is indeed a formidable challenge, requiring not only an adept hand at humor but also a keen understanding of the individuality that defined each member. It appears that the film has adeptly risen to this challenge, delivering a nostalgic and captivating experience, particularly resonant for those who bore witness to Srimulat’s zenith, as lauded by the esteemed critics at Cineverse.

For those uninitiated with the golden era of Srimulat, the film serves as a curious yet captivating introduction to their singular brand of humor. The seemingly exaggerated and theatrically contrived comedic style, emblematic of Srimulat, may strike newcomers as peculiar, but it is precisely this idiosyncrasy and unassuming charm that catapulted Srimulat to unparalleled heights of success, exceeding even their wildest aspirations.

Beyond being a mere tribute to a bygone era of comedy, the film stands as a testament to the remarkable journey of a group that defied all odds and left an indelible imprint on the landscape of Indonesian entertainment. It offers a poignant glimpse into the innocence that underpinned their meteoric rise, serving as a poignant reminder of the purity of their craft and the unexpected triumphs that punctuated their extraordinary trajectory.

At its core, Srimulat: The Impossible Hill – First Half serves as a jubilant celebration of creativity, resilience, and the transformative power of laughter. It captures the zeitgeist of an era and a comedic ensemble that secured their place in the annals of history, elevating it beyond mere entertainment to a profound cinematic journey that resonates deeply with the collective memories of a generation who once reveled in the uproarious laughter elicited by the legendary Srimulat.

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