Trolls Band Together (2023) Movie Review

Review trolls band together

Trolls Band Together marks the third animated film from Dreamworks set in the Trolls universe, following the first film in 2016 and its sequel Trolls World Tour in 2020, which premiered digitally amidst the global pandemic.

The inaugural Trolls movie was met with critical acclaim, propelled by Justin Timberlake’s infectious chart-topping hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

Beyond emblematic Dreamworks characters like Puss in Boots, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, the animation studio has established the vibrant Trolls as fan favorites. Trolls Band Together introduces new characters Ruby Gillman and Teenage Kraken alongside the cute, diminutive, perpetually singing and dancing Trolls.

The Trolls’ nemeses are the gargantuan, hideous Bergen who believe ingesting the optimistic Trolls will transmit their eternal happiness.

Movie trolls band together

Trolls Band Together (2023) Synopsis

Branch (Justin Timberlake), who is known to be short-tempered, suddenly has his brother, John Dory (Eric Andre) arrive, who gives him the news that their brother Flyod (Troye Sivan) is being held by the famous singing duo Veneer (Andrew Rannels) and Velvet (Amy Schumer) and therefore Branch, John Dory and Poppy (Anna Kendrick) are looking for Branch’s other siblings to save Flyod.

Trolls Band Together Movie Review

Lots of new characters

This latest sequel centers on villainous sibling duo Velvet and Veneer, who aspire to musical fame without effort. The pair devise a scheme to siphon talent from the Trolls and enhance their lackluster singing.

They first capture Flyod, though the means remain unclear initially. Velvet and Veneer plan to ensnare Flyod’s brothers next.

Amidst Branch and the gang’s quest to rescue Flyod, a subplot explores King Gristle Jr (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Bridget’s (Zooey Deschanel) nuptials and chaotic honeymoon.

More of Branch’s history as a former member of the boy band Brozone surfaces, a past he has kept hidden from Poppy.

In signature Trolls fashion, Poppy and Branch embark on another music-filled journey, traversing new terrain and befriending characters vital to their latest adventure.

trolls band together

Many different animation styles

Diverging from the previous two films centered in the vibrant Trolls community, Trolls Band Together introduces an entirely new group – Queen Poppy’s long lost sisters, led by Viva (Camila Cabello). The animated franchise is renowned for its dynamic, rainbow-hued art style.

Trolls Band Together upholds the signature vibrant aesthetics. The latest installment also showcases various animation styles – Claymation-inspired characters Veneer and Velvet with their exaggerated Betty Boop eyes, hand-drawn 70s-esque sequences, and muppet-style scenes when Branch discovers his brother Bruce (Daveed Diggs) residing on a tropical island.

In addition to diverse animation, Trolls is celebrated for its eccentric cast and catchy musical numbers. While not as robust as the first film or genre-spanning as Trolls World Tour, Trolls Band Together offers a nostalgic 90s boyband soundtrack – Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, New Edition’s “Candy Girl,” Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” and of course, an *NSYNC medley. At least fans can enjoy a reunion of sorts.

An intriguing inversion of reality – Branch, formerly known as Baby Branch, was abandoned by his bandmates versus Justin Timberlake leaving *NSYNC.

For all its experimental animation and new characters, Trolls Band Together falls short on earlier films’ humor and music quality. The plot lacks cohesion, failing to seamlessly integrate events. More refinement may be required to recapture the franchise’s harmony. As highlighted, perfect familial harmony can shatter the diamond prison trapping Flyod.

Review trolls band together

Trolls Band Together Conclusion

Trolls is still interesting for children watching, but for adults perhaps the most interesting thing is hearing songs from the 90s sung again by the characters in Trolls Band Together.

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